Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Art Mission of Baryn Futa

The world of modern art is not always easy to understand or explore on your own. There are so many different mediums, styles, and audiences that it can get very confusing. Modern art, after all, is practiced by an endless number of unique and interesting artists. The good news is that we are living in an age in which art is accessible for virtually everyone. While the fine arts were a few centuries ago reserved only for the most wealthy and privileged among us, today it is as accessible as an Internet connection or a trip to the local museum. Baryn Futa has made it his mission to ensure that great modern art can be seen by more people. That is why he frequently loans pieces from his personal collection out to museums and exhibitions, so that more people can appreciate them. Baryn Futa believes that art exists to be admired and appreciated, not hidden.

Baryn Futa was not always a supporter of the arts. Up until he retired, he wasn't even aware that he loved the modern arts. He discovered his love for art soon after and began educating himself on the finer points of the arts. He did this by attending museums, going to art fairs, and attending fine arts and art history classes, both in brick-and-mortar classrooms and online ones.