Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Art History with Baryn Futa

Baryn Futa sincerely believes that not enough people understand and appreciate the important role that the fine arts play in every human society, as an important reminder to future generations of where they had once been. Far too often, art is taken for granted and not appreciated properly as a priority and Baryn Futa hopes to change that attitude among as many as possible with his support of the fine arts, both as a benefactor no an investor.

That overall goal is because Baryn Futa strongly believes that the most brilliant artists deserve to thrive, but that requires a change in attitude, so that they get a lot more support for their work. While he sees investment in art as a very profitable endeavor, it is also an important way to protect and preserve the arts for the future, which creates excellent benefits to all of society. It is Baryn Futa’s ultimate goal to encourage as many people as possible to see the arts as a critical part of our cultural identity; one that is important to preserve for our grandchildren.