Saturday 25 August 2018

Baryn Futa’s high importance of high arts

The high arts were once regaled as critical knowledge for a valuable person of society. To be valued in the community, you needed to be well-versed in the creative -- language and art, certainly. Today, the importance of these factors have decreased so significantly that school systems are depleting funding for arts programs everywhere. Students are not only no longer learning classical musical or beautiful poets and amazing paintings, but they aren’t being taught skills for creating artwork themselves either. Baryn Futa aims to place a critical importance on high arts and even museums once again. This art supporter hopes to change mass perception that it’s a government issue by inciting other community support -- vocal and physical change in addition to monetary -- that can help support the arts in the community in addition to his own, and help keep this critical, beautiful piece of society as alive as possible for generations to come.