Monday, 30 January 2017

Art Connects Us with the Past and Future: Baryn Futa

Though he is known as a prominent arts patron with a rich appreciation for fine art, the fact is, Baryn Futa wasn’t exactly born thinking that way. Most of his life was spent not even thinking about art. In fact, it was when he retired that something stirred inside. It began when he started working with the Denver Art Museum and something hit him and he began to appreciate the vital importance of the arts in identifying any society.

No one was more surprised than Baryn Futa, when he realized his deep attraction to the art world, but that developed into a profound appreciation for art as a key to preserving society and culture. While at the DAM, he attended museum exhibitions and art fairs and, took classes and absorbed everything else he could find to satisfy his craving for more. Baryn Futa realized that, most appreciate the arts on some level, few are able to support the arts to the extent needed. It is that reality that has caused Baryn to take on as much of that responsibility that he could. His love of art has turned into a positive for everyone.