Sunday 30 July 2017

Baryn Futa’s Artistic Vision

While almost everyone who thinks about it would agree that art appreciation is a key element of every human society, art is too often taken for granted. The first thing politicians think about when they consider cutting the budget is cutting arts funding. It seems difficult for many people to take artists seriously. Too often, while we appreciate art, it is too difficult for artists to make a living and thrive, which is a shame. That is what drives Baryn Futa's work in support of the arts, both as a benefactor and as a collector of fine art.

Of course, Baryn Futa appreciates the investment potential of art, but there is a lot more to art than money. To him, the arts are a necessary and defining part of any culture and important enough to preserve for future generations. What he is doing by collecting art is making it possible for the current generation to communicate to future generations, just as past generations have used it to speak to us. The art of the past puts us in touch with our ancestors in a way that nothing else can. Therefore, Baryn Futa strongly feels that we owe it to future generations to preserve as much art as possible. Not for the money, but because art itself is important.