Saturday 22 April 2017

The Arts and Baryn Futa

While almost everyone agrees in spirit that art is a key element of every human society he that art appreciation is necessary for preserving art for future generations, Baryn Futa is saddened by the fact that our society seems too often to take art and artists for granted, to the point that they don’t fully appreciate them enough to thrive and create more art. That is the primary motivation behind Baryn Futa's work in support of the fine arts as both a benefactor and critic of fine art. He believes that brilliant artists should be considered a national treasure and he does what he can to rectify that situation.

Art collector and benefactor Baryn Futa believes that the arts are a necessary and defining part of any culture and that they are important to preserve for future generations. After all, the art of the past puts us in touch with our ancestors in a way that nothing else can. He feels that we owe it to posterity to preserve as much art as possible for the future. His love of and appreciation for the arts was rather late in coming, really. It wasn't until he retired and began working with the Denver Art Museum that Baryn Futa began to appreciate the immense importance of the arts. No one was more surprised than he that he was hit so hard by a full appreciation for the art world, including the artists themselves.

Baryn Futa now has an extensive art collection of his own. He also holds memberships in a large number of prominent art museums with impressive collections of their own and he loans pieces from his collection to museums all over the nation. He simply wants more people to appreciate the arts as much as he does.